Mazda 6 manuals

Mazda 6 Service Manual: Glass antenna inspection

1. Inspect the glass antenna for damage visually.

2. Inspect for continuity between the glass antenna terminals using an ohmmeter.

Center roof antenna inspection
1. Verify that there is no continuity between the center roof antenna terminals A and C using an ohmmeter. 2. Inspect for continuity between the center roof antenna terminals using an ohmmete ...

Gps antenna removal/installation
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the instrument cluster. 3. Remove in the order indicated in the table. 4. Install in the reverse order of removal. ...

Other materials:

Mazda 6 Service Manual: Coming Home Light
The coming home light turns on the headlights (low beams) when the lever is operated. To turn on the lights When the lever is pulled with the ignition switched to ACC or OFF, the low beam headlights turn on. The headlights turn off after a certain period of time has elapsed after the doors ar ...

Mazda 6 Service Manual: After repair procedure
Caution After repairing a malfunction, perform this procedure to verify that the malfunction has been corrected. When this procedure is carried out, be sure to drive the vehicle at lawful speed and pay attention to the other vehicles. 1. Connect the WDS or equivalent to the DLC-2. 2. Turn th ...

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