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Mazda 6 Owners Manual: Operating the Radio

Radio ON

Select the icon on the home
screen to display the Entertainment screen. When selecting the desired radio, the following icons are indicated in the lower part of the center display.

AM/FM Radio

Favorites Radio

Selected stations can be registered for convenient operation. Up to 50 stations can be registered. The Favorites list is common to AM, FM, and satellite radio.

Registering to Favorites

Long-press the icon to register
the current radio station. The registration can also be performed using the following procedure.

1. Select the icon to display
the Favorites list.

2. Select .

3. Select .

4. The station is added to the bottom of the Favorites list.


If the battery is disconnected, your Favorites list will not be deleted.

Selecting radio station from Favorites

1. Select the icon to display
the Favorites list.

2. Select the radio frequency to tune in the radio station.

Deleting from Favorites

1. Select the icon to display
the Favorites list.

2. Select .

3. Select .

4. Select the radio frequency you want to delete.

5. Select .

Changing Favorites list order

1. Select the icon to display
the Favorites list.

2. Select .

3. Select .

4. Select a radio frequency. The selected radio station can be moved.

5. Slide the radio station or move it using the commander switch, then select .

Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) (Some models)

Radio text information display

Radio text information sent from a broadcasting station is displayed in the center display.


Radio text information is a function of FM radio only. There is no text function on AM radio. Text information is not displayed in the following:

Genre Seek

Some FM stations transmit Genre codes (Program type like a Rock, News, and so on). This code enables alternative stations transmitting the same Genre code to be found quickly.

(To scan for Genre Seek:)

1. Select the icon while in
the FM mode. 2. Select to open
the genre list. 3. Select the genre type you want to select. 4. Select the ,


To change the desired genre, select the icon.


89.3 is currently being received. With Rock selected as the Genre, the radio stations broadcasting Rock are at the following frequencies.

98.3*1, 98.7, 104.3*1, 107.1

*1 Radio stations with good reception

The frequency changes as follows each time is pressed.



HD Radio

What is HD Radio™ Technology and how does it work?

HD Radio™ Technology is the digital evolution of analog AM/FM radio. Your radio product has a special receiver which allows it to receive digital broadcasts (where available) in addition to the analog broadcasts it already receives. Digital broadcasts have better sound quality than analog broadcasts as digital broadcasts provide free, crystal clear audio. For more information, and a guide to available radio stations and programming, please visit

Benefits of HD Radio™ Technology


The song title, artist name, album name and genre will appear on the screen when available by the radio station.


On the FM radio frequency most digital stations have “multiple” or supplemental programs on each FM station.

Listening to HD Radio™ Technology

If icon turns on by selecting
a radio station which is an
broadcasting station, the analog broadcast is switched to an broadcast automatically after
a few seconds and then received. If the broadcast is stopped and changed
to an analog broadcast, press down to turn off

Multicast channel selection (FM)

If multi-cast channels are available for an broadcast currently being received,
the multi-cast channel list is displayed. Select the desired radio station.


iTunes Tagging (for Apple devices with USB use only)

By tagging a song currently being aired, the song can later be purchased from the iTunes Store. One hundred tags can be stored. A maximum of 100 tags (for 100 songs) can be stored for later downloading.

1. Select the icon. The tag
is stored in the audio unit.

2. Connect the device via the vehicle's USB. Any stored tag(s) will be sent automatically to the connected device.

3. Once at home or after parking the vehicle safely, log onto the iTunes Store with your device. Your previously tagged song(s) can now be easily purchased.


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