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Mazda 6 Service Manual: B-pillar upper trim removal/installation

Mazda 6 Service Manual / Body / Trim / B-pillar upper trim removal/installation

1. Remove the upper anchor of the front seat belt.

2. Remove the B-pillar lower trim.

3. Turn the seaming welt over.

4. Pull the B-pillar upper trim toward you, then disengage, clip B, and pin C from the body.

5. Disengage hook A from the body, then remove B-pillar upper trim.

6. Install in the reverse order of removal.

B-pillar lower trim removal/installation
1. Remove the front scuff plate. 2. Remove the rear scuff plate. 3. Pull the area marked A, then remove one side of the B-pillar lower trim. 4. Pull the B-pillar lower trim, then remove the pin f ...

Front side trim removal/installation
1. Remove the front scuff plate. 2. Turn the seaming welt over. 3. Pull the front side trim toward you, then disengage clip A and the stud bolt, then remove the front side trim. 4. Install in t ...

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