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Mazda 6 Service Manual: Headlight zeroset


1. Adjust the tire air pressure to the specification.

2. Position the unloaded vehicle on a flat, level surface.

3. Connect the SST (WDS or equivalent) to the DLC-2.

4. Turn the ignition switch to ON position.

5. Turn on the headlights (low-beam).

6. Input the vehicle information following the directions on the screen.

7. Confirm that the WDS or equivalent identifies the vehicle, and select Datelogger.

8. After the screen appears, select LHID under Modules from the cascading menu.

9. After the next screen appears, select CALAXLSN#.

10. On the graphic display that appears, press the icon near the top right of the screen indicated by a 1 in the figure.

11. After the next screen appears, press the icon indicated by a 2 in the figure.

12. After pressing the icon indicated by the 2, press the icon indicated by a 3 or 4 in the figure to execute the zeroset setting.


13. After executing the headlight zeroset setting, perform an on-board diagnostic test and verify that no DTCs are displayed.

14. Perform the headlight aiming adjustment. (See HEADLIGHT AIMING)

Auto leveling control unit configuration
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